Adventureson's Ghost Bones

Ghost Bones

Perhaps you're not sitting in an office or working from home or on your phone or in class on a computer but instead on a mountain looking at another mountain that you need to climb. You're a person of adventure, after all. The weather is magical, perfect; warm breezes when you're cold and gentle rain when you're hot. It there danger? Sure, but nothing you can't handle. What you've experienced in life has given you more than you need to turn this journey into something profound. Let's go. 54 Minutes   2021

Adventureson's Doom As I Say Not As I Doom

Doom As I Say
Not As I Doom

Maybe it's the pandemic or maybe it's the politics or maybe it's the planet that's killing us as a result of us killing it. It's DOOM from here on out, folks. If you want something bright and happy, maybe give your local lite radio a try. Unlike "Ghost Bones" this collection of songs is darker. It's anxious but not (entirely) unpleasant. Tense but with a hint of hope. Drums dominate half of the tracks and time signatures vary. The goal was to unsettle but not unhinge. 27 Minutes   2021


Adventureson is the music of Ty Finck, a multi-instrumentalist based in Upstate New York. Ty's music has been featured on MTV's Real World and Road Rules and USA's Burn Notice. He has composed tracks for films, including Emmy winning documentary The Last Colony.

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